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About the artist/shaper

I am a California surfer, designer, artist and maker. I've always followed my passion for the ocean. My first job was at Surfing magazine as a graphic designer. Later I joined Jack O'Neill and his family as their creative director. I also helped launch a brand called Komunity Project for Kelly Slater and Quiksilver. I started shaping surfboards few years ago chasing a planning hull I designed based on Lindsay Lord's hydro dynamic theory and his 2/1 aspect ratio and inspired by Simmons original twin fin history and the mini-Simmons movement. It all cumulated in a moment of accidental genius from an up-cycled longboard (pictured).

My products are designed and made with the smallest footprint possible, high quality process (in my garage) without compromising performance or aesthetics. Function and progression are essential. I'm not only selling my own products, I'm also looking to hear your thoughts, ideas and opportunities. I'd like to share my work creations and story at events and activations that pertain to the California dream, modern design, surf culture and our environment. Retailers, art reps and content creators welcome. Contact me.